kingsman: the golden circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a movie produced by Fox Star India, one of the world’s biggest studio companies. It is the sequel to the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie revolves around elite secret services known as the Kingsman and the Statesman, and how they band together to battle a ruthless enemy.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

To promote the movie in the Indian market and re-establish the association of Indian audiences with the brand.

  • The popularity of the characters in the movie was leveraged, and multiple YouTube trailers were released. These trailers were further utilized to promote the movie on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Event-centric posts like those for Ganesh Chaturthi, Teachers' Day etc. were pushed.

  • 8 activities on Facebook and 7 activities on Twitter & Instagram each were executed. Of these, the #BeAKingsman activity, which involved a series of riddles that the fans were urged to solve, got the most attention on social media. The activity also drove focus on decrypting codes, which is what ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ is premised on.

  • Here, we partnered up with brands like PVR, INOX, Movies Now, Bollywood Life, Bollywood Hungama, Mid Day, Paytm, and BookMyShow, and urged all of them to upload unique missions and asked their fans to #BeAKingsman by cracking the code.

  • Another unique activity that we executed was the #KingsmanCode Contest where, on Instagram, the fans had to crack the code using the available filters and repost the same tagging us with the correct code in the comments section.

  • Because we were promoting a Hollywood film in India, we decided to use regional languages for our promotion. We released dubbed trailers and posters in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

  • The movie managed positive reviews from top portals like Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Times of India, Screen Rant, and many more. The campaign was covered by social samosa, and most importantly, it effectuated users to actually click on the booking link.

30m +#BeAKingsman Activity Reach
162k + Dubbed Poster Activity Impressions
30m + YouTube Views
77k + Additional Subscribers
Digital Marketing Strategy
  • We generated topical posts that revolved around Teacher’s Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Colin Firth’s Birthday, and Make A Hat Day.

  • Among activities, we did the following:

    • #BeAKingsman Social Media Activity: Fans had to solve riddles based on the movie. This contest aided in the trending of the keywords ‘The Golden Circle’ in India. We worked with several brand partners for this activity.

    • #BeAKingsman In-Theatre Activity: Fans had to pose Kingsman props and share their images with us.

    • Dubbed Poster Activity: Fans had to dub the famous dialogues in Hindi & Tamil from the Kingsman movie and the best ones were featured on the official regional posters.

    • #KingsmanCode Contest: This was conducted on Instagram where the fans had to crack a code using the available filters and repost the same, tagging us with the correct code in the comments section.

    • Facebook Camera Filter: A camera filter was uploaded on Facebook using the orange suit and glasses, the style that belongs to Eggsy from the movie. Fans were asked to use it and share their pictures with us.

    • #HelpHarry Contest: This contest was held on Instagram where the fans were engaged in a maze that had 3 paths leading to Harry Hart’s lost umbrella.

    • #KingsmanTomorrow Contest: This was held on Twitter where we had engaged the fans to answer 10 questions around the movie.

    • Facebook LIVE: We conducted a Facebook LIVE on the release date of the movie, asking the fans to choose their favorite spy agent.